Beltz Cars Credit Card Pay

BELTZ CARS Credit Card Payments

Please, enter the amount to be paid in Euros (05.10 for example), your contact email and a Subject. Then press the “Beltz Cars pay” button and you will be taken to the payment gateway where you can enter your credit/debit card and password.

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You can also contact us by calling or sending us an email.

  • + (34) 656 710 167

Through this platform, payments can be made to Bookroad through electronic transactions, using a credit or debit card. All transactions are made through a secure connection, and therefore, the data travels encrypted. Beltz Cars, at no time registers, nor stores the banking data of the clients. This operation is carried out directly on the website of the Financial Institution. Encryption is a process that allows you to “hide” a message in characters and numbers depending on the algorithms. only the recipient, Beltz Cars, has the key to decipher those messages. Therefore, all information related to customers and transactions is private, confidential and secure