The Way of Saint James - The Kings' Way (Northern Route)

150€/person & day
+4 People Class-V Minivan

The Kings' Way

As old as the French Way, already in the Middle Ages the European Kings inclined for it to arrive at Santiago de Compostela. After the Reconquista and the southern lands regained peace, the Camino del Norte ceased to be the preferred route, leaving the pilgrims to travel it, however, the boom of walking to Santiago has again put it as a fashionable route and again it is very popular. The landscape and terrain make it a very special option and the distance traveled is the second longest, behind the Via de la Plata, the network of pilgrim accommodation is scarce, but there are hostels throughout the tour and very well marked.

Historic Landmarks

Visit the historical medieval and gothic villages and city centers along the Saint James Way assited by the Beltz Cars Guide-Chauffeur, who will introduce you the local sightseeing spots and history.

At your own rhythm

Spend doing the Saint James way, 1, 2. 5 days.. As many as you want, we will select the best stages for you.

Eats and Drinks

You will be assisted at all times by our local Beltz Cars chauffeur-guide with wide knowledge about local gastronomy and history.

Luggage Pickup & Drop-off

We will pick up your luggage and take it to the next town so you can walk the way comfortably. Or you might decide to rest for one day and make the stage in the van. You decide on spot.

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Day-Trip Itinerary

This is a sample of one tour day itinerary. You may select as many days and stages you might want to journey Please contact us with your itinerary proposal.

8:00 am. Pick up at the hotel or guest house

We pick up your luggage from your hotel/ Guesthouse, so you can freely walk the stage.

1:00 pm. Lunch at Santiago of Compostela.
Eat the typical “Pulpo a feria” (boiled octupus) at a local restaurant.
2:30. Santiago city tour
Discover the city of Santiago including the “Portico de la gloria” street.
5:30 pm.Visit the Obradoiro Square
Visit Saint James’ statue at the Santiago cathedral to finish the way of Saint James.
7:00 pm. Drop off at the hotel.
End of stage/tour.

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Pricing Chart

What is included on the tour. Please note that meals and entrance tickets for venues are NOT included in the price as they may change due to season or place.

The way of Saint James
  • Hotel Pick up/Drop Off
  • Local Chauffeur-Guide
  • Transfers in Luxury Car
  • Sightseeing
  • Assistance

Select your stages and make your dreams come true.

Kings' Way Stages

Basque Country Stages
1. From Irún to San Sebastián
2. From San Sebastián to Zarautz
3. From Zarautz to Deba
4. From Deba to Markina
5. From Markina to Gernika
6. From Gernika to Lezama
7. From Lezama to Bilbao
8. From Bilbao to Portugalete
Cantabria Stages
8. From Bilbao to Portugalete
9. From Portugalete to Castro Urdiales
10. From Castro Urdiales to Laredo
11. From Laredo to Güemes
12. From Güemes to Santander
13. From Santander to Santillana del Mar
14. From Santillana del Mar to Comillas
Asturias Stages
15. From Comillas to Colombres
16. From Colombres to Llanes
17. From Llanes to Ribadesella
18. From Ribadesella to Sebrayo (Villaviciosa)
19. From Sebrayo (Villaviciosa) to Gijón
20. From Gijón to Avilés
21. From Avilés to Soto del Barco
22. From Soto del Barco to Soto de Luiña
23. From Soto de Luiña to Cadavedo
24. From Cadavedo to Luarca
25. From Luarca to La Caridad
Galicia Stages
26. From La Caridad to Ribadeo
27. From Ribadeo to Lourenzá
28. From Lourenzá to Gontán
29. From Gontán to Vilalba
30. From Vilalba to Baamonde
31. From Baamonde to Sobrado dos Monxes
32. From Sobrado dos Monxes to Arzúa

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